Great Quality is our Goal

This means for us to get the latest information on the present status of science on conventions and continuing seminars as well as by regular discussions within the team.  Only by doing that, we can treat you safely and innovatively and meet the up-to-date needs for your diabetes treatment.


Our Specialty Practice has been certified in 2009 as Outpatient-Treatment Center for patients with Type 1 and 2 Diabetes as Certified Diabetes Center DDG and by that it fulfills the quality criteria of the German Diabetes Association focusing on Diabetes:

  • Diagnostics
  • Treatment
  • Schooling
  • Continued Care
  • Cooperation with additional specialty physicians

Since 2008 we have been fulfilling the quality requirements of the DDG for foot outpatient care and are certified as outpatient foot care institution.

When diabetes is present, wounds require special care and treatment. Especially with foot injuries, specialized wound management is needed. In our foot outpatient care, we have specially trained wound experts to promote fast wound healing and. thereby prevent amputations.

Dr. med. Dietrich Tews is also qualified for the minimal invasive attachement of the CGM-System Eversense.

Since 2021 we are happy to welcome medicine students from the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-university in Frankfurt am Main and give them a chance to have a first look at our daily processes. MVZ Diabetsezentrum Dr. Tews GmbH has been qualified as a teaching practice by the university frankfurt.

Quality Control

Our diagnostics instruments, such as for measuring blood sugar, HbA1c-values, or blood pressure are regularly tested per medical and legal requirements. Team continued training for emergency management, hygiene requirements and other matters, as for example data protection are regularly implemented for the protection of our patients and staff. Within the practice-team information exchange takes place regularly in order to improve our work continually. Errors may happen – but we do not want to repeat them. Please assist us by informing us when something went wrong or was missed, We take your word seriously!


We offer hospitations for you in connection with certification by the German Diabetes Association (DDG) and in connection with earning qualifications for:

  • Diabetologist DDG
  • Diabetologist LÄK
  • Diabetes consultant DDG
  • Diabetes assistant DDG
  • Podiatrist
  • Wound manager ICW

We appreciate a constructive discussion and like suggestions for changes for improvements on both sides.

Additionally, we are authorized to offer advanced specialty training for physicians for:

  • Inner Medicine
  • Diabetology

Schooling Programs for Specialty Staff:

  • Trainer-Seminar for SGS – Senior Diabetes Schooling
  • Trainer-Seminar for High Blood Pressure Schooling according to Grüßer/Jörgens
  • Trainer-Seminar for Schooling with the ConversationMap
  • Trainer-Seminar for Turkish Schooling with the ConversationMap
  • Trainer-Seminar for Type 1 /Type 2 according to Grüßer/Jörgens
  • Advanced Seminars for Care Personnel