Diabetes Therapy Possibilities


Moving awakes your senses and keeps you mobile. Because of an improved insulin action, the blood sugar decreases. It does not matter whether you go for a walk, mow the lawn or clean windows. The decisive factor is how long and how intensive your movement is. Half an hour walk daily already improves your blood sugar and on a long-term basis, improves your quality of life.   Blood pressure and lipids are also lowered due to regular exercise.  Often, less medication is needed then!

When you exercise regularly, the weight will be kept in check, especially in case of Type 2 Diabetes. So, it is a good way to keep your weight and not gain any weight. When you exercise, you should still be able to keep up a conversation, but you should notice that you start to perspire lightly or that you get warmer. Then you probably have reached the right amount of exercise for you. Daily exercise is best. If the daily half hour is missed occasionally, make use of the weekend or better weather for a longer bike ride or a prolonged walk. In the winter, a home trainer might be helpful. Good music or a TV within sight can make the training more fun.

In the schoolings, we observe the blood sugar course during a 30-minute walk, In case of insulin therapy, you will be provided helpful tips for adaptation of the insulin dose.

Meals that are Good for You

tews-diabetes-kochkurs-09A variety of meals with meat, fish, vegetables, milk products, nuts and carbohydrates such as legumes, potatoes, rice and noodles are good for you. With 3 meals a day, you can often keep your weight the same, especially when you include vegetables or salads you will feel satisfied. Roasts. rouladen, goulash or steaks taste great and are better for your diabetes than processed sausages or other processed meat products. If you love sauces, you might sauté some vegetables alongside, like carrots, celery and onions and prepare a delicious sauce from it!

For many people it is helpful to forgo eating sweet snacks and sweetened drinks in between meals. This way, the appetite is less stimulated. Fruit is better for us than any juices; we recommend 1 to 2 handfuls of fruit per day. Under our “Downloads” you will find some tips and recipes. In the workshops, you will be able to observe the effect of meals on your blood sugar. Discussions in the courses often bring good ideas for everyday life.


When prescribing medications for you, we consider the latest state of the science. In doing so, we also watch for safety of your diabetes medication as to undesired side effects.

With Type-1 diabetes insulin is always needed because of lack of insulin produced by your body. We work with you when selecting short and long-lasting insulins to suit your lifestyle and metabolism. If needed, an insulin pump may support the therapy.

With Type-2 diabetes, medication in form of pills, medication that need to be injected and, if needed, insulin are available. In making a selection, we apply our long-term experience in order to select a suitable medication or combination of various medications. When an incompatibility exists, we will look for suitable alternatives.