Diabetes mellitus – („Honeysweet Flow-Through”) 

In diabetes mellitus, the blood sugar is increased because there is a lack of insulin or the insulin is working too weakly (insulin resistance). This causes rising of the blood sugar.

Main symptoms are:

  • With Type 1 Diabetes: Lack of insulin
  • With Type 2 Diabetes: Insulin resistance
  • Diabetes during pregnancy:  Insulin resistance

However, many individual metabolic situations are possible that are, for example affected by lipids, hypertension and weight.  Also a person’s genes and environmental effects play a part. Therefore diabetes looks different in every person. With the  aid of comprehensive diagnostics we observe your metabolic characteristics..

In connection with the examination and consultation, the diabetes team, together with you, will continue to adapt the therapy to your life situation. You will receive comprehensive information about which diabetes therapy is best for you.

Several possibilities are shown on the Page: Therapy.

Follow-up Examinations

The quarterly follow-up Examinations help to adapt your Therapy continually to your “Diabetes-Situation”.

These take place pursuant to the DMP-Programs (for example “Curaplan”-  the “To live better Program”). Our Center is authorized for DMP Type 1 and Type 2 and KHK.

Blood Sugar Control

The blood sugar control is the base for your present “Blood Sugar Situation”. It aids in finding the right therapy for you, and in case of insulin therapy, to adapt  the dose to the present situation. Your regular check-up helps to keep high and low blood sugar values in check or adjust treatments accordingly. At this time, the health insurance covers the costs for blood sugar control usually only in case of insulin therapy. Costs for measuring instruments that continually check the blood sugar via a sensor in the skin (CGM or FGM-systems) are presently only partially covered by the health insurance. Hereby, an application must be filed with the health insurer. We will be pleased to assist you with this issue. If such a system is approved by the insurer, or you would like to test such a system, we will offer you special schooling for this measuring system so that you can profit from it best.

You may talk to us about this issue; our team will advise you gladly.