Knowledge helps to take Diabetes easier!

Let experienced diabetes-assistants help you by schooling you to a good relationship with your diabetes. We are happy to have experienced that new knowledge concerning diabetes brings lasting relieving feeling of security for your diabetes situation and many participants gain a more positive attitude to their diabetes.

If you feel that you are in a rut, we invite you to freshen up your knowledge and get a renewed spark with regards to the diabetes treatment. Even an exchange of ideas with like-minded people often show good new ways. Relatives are cordially invited!

The workshop and type of therapy is specially selected according to the type of diabetes (Type 1 or 2) and the form of therapy. We offer structured schooling and treatment programs for you that are recognized by the insurance company and the DMP

By the way, dear patients, all of our workshops concerning diabetes are exclusively held in the German language.

Type-1 Diabetes Workshop:

  • Treatment and training program for intensified therapy (ICT or pump therapy)
  • Primas, life with Type 1-Diabetes
  • Workshop for insulin pumps (SUBITO©-workshop for first-pump-setting)

Type-2 Diabetes Workshop: 

  • Treatment and training program for Type 2 Diabetics who do not inject Insulin
  • MEDIAS-basis-courses focusing on self-treatment of diabetes without insulin therapy
  • MEDIAS CT / ICT courses focusing on self-application of the insulin therapy in everyday life
  • Senior-diabetes workshop (SGS)

Special Workshops (Type-1 and Type-2-Diabetes)

  • Workshop for continual blood sugar measurement (e.g. Freestyle Libre)
  • Treatment and training program when high blood pressure is present
  • Special workshops with worsened recognition of hypoglycemia (HyPOS©-training or BGAT-training)
  • BAREFOOT “for the Love of our Feet”, for a good relationship with the feet when Diabetic Foot Syndrome is present
  • Men and Women discussions concerning sexual function issues
  • Marcumar (type of medication) workshop (SPOG-Program)

Diabetes during Pregnancy

  • Individual and group workshops for gestation diabetics (pregnancy diabetics). 
    The focus hereby lies on nutrition information and a favorable style of life. 
    Ask us for extensive information regarding use of an insulation therapy.

Cooking Classes

In our teaching kitchen, several times per year, we offer the possibility to create menus in small groups. An experienced diabetes assistant along with you prepares various recipes, provides tips for cooking and tells you about the effect of foods on blood sugar and your well-being. You have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss your experience in everyday life with other participants who have diabetes.

We gladly provide information regarding schedules and costs of cooking classes.

Registration for the classes can be made during your diabetes treatment.

Are you interested in any Training Courses/Workshops and are not a Patient of ours?

Just contact us and, along with you, we will find a suitable training schedule. If there is no possibility to take part in group training, individual training can be arranged by the diabetes assistants.

On the page Quality, you will find our list of specialty staff for training, further schooling and hospitations.